CLASS 100:   Come and learn about the plan and purpose of CITICHURCH and how to connect with us.                                  We promise there is a mold fit for you.


              CLASS 200:  Come and learn about The Experience that allows you to continue to follow Christ.
                                                  You will be encouraged in your pursuit of God and building a deeper relationship                                                    with God

 CLASS 300: Teaching you how to develop your gifts and talents. A great time to discover your area of of                           ministry and build upon your talents, abilities, and callings.

               CLASS 400: Learning through action. This is a time to learn through serving. Strengthening,                                                   excersising and discovering yourself through experience.

 CLASS 500: Duplicating yourself in obedience to Christ. Go ye into all the world and make disciples.           S                            Spreading the Gospel, building new preaching points, creating new life groups, preaching and t                             teaching the Gospel leading others to the the first step of Engaging



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